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Can You Match These People With Their Terrible Secrets?


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  1. 1. What's her secret?

    Eats food off the floor
    Has never once washed hands
  2. 2. What's his secret?

    Tweets spoilers on purpose
    Read Harry Potter and didn't like it
    Puts the empty Brita pitcher back in the frdge
  3. 3. What's her secret?

    Thinks squirrels and chipmunks are the same thing
    Stole a yogurt once
    Is actually a hologram
  4. 4. What's his secret?

    Boards the airplane before his zone is called
    Super afraid of butterflies
    Only feels alive when correcting people's grammar on the internet
  5. 5. What's her secret?

    Eats peanut butter directly out of a shared jar (going back for seconds with licked spoon)
    Loves the smell of Subway bread
    Has tasted human flesh
  6. 6. What's his secret?

    Can only fall asleep listening to recordings of his own voice
    Got into a fight with a pretty big goldfish, and won, but it was still a struggle
    Tried to burn down an Olive Garden
  7. 7. What's her secret?

    Loves leaving voicemails
    Responds to every text message with "k."
    Can't stop murdering
  8. 8. What's his secret?

    Likes to wear bucket hats
    Was the person who inspired the character Ross from "Friends"
    Says "What's up?" in response to "What's up?"
  9. 9. What's his secret?

    Will laugh for five to ten minutes at nothing
    Dumps juice over just to feel alive
    Dreams about your lifeless body

Can You Match These People With Their Terrible Secrets?

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