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24 Times Target T-Shirts Went Too Far

Proof that you can just put any random words on a shirt.

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Joanna: I feel like an old man who JUST learned what "binge-watching" means came up with this. No one in real life has ever said this sentence.

Chelsea: This is so noncommittal, it's offensive. Pick a show, lady, or go home and figure out what your favorite show is.



Joanna: I am so DONEday with people saying "Sunday funday." There's no fun to be had on Sunday when the anxiety about going back to work on Monday just eats away at you the entire time.

Chelsea: I gasped and made the same face as a blobfish when I saw this. I'm so bummed out.


Joanna: I think I speak for everyone when I say, what does this even mean?

Chelsea: This is the same friend who would come up behind you, pretend to mug you and be like AHAHHA JUST KIDDING. Not cool, Meryl. Not cool.



Joanna: OK, shirt, WE GET IT. You're a magical nomad who can't be tied down. You thirst only for adventure and you bought this shirt from Target to prove it.

Chelsea: In some states, it's illegal to go on adventures, roam free, or have wanderlust unless you wear a shirt like this. That's just a fact.


Chelsea: Going to start saying this before anything I don't want to do to get out of it. "But first, yoga!" *runs away*

Joanna: I feel like the person who wears this shirt is just screaming "YOGA!!!" all day anyway.


Joanna: One time I drank coffee before a workout and I felt invincible and also like my heart was going to explode.

Chelsea: Being sponsored by coffee is great. The deal includes yelling "It's Coffee Time!" at the top of your lungs every 10 minutes.



Joanna: I've seen Star Wars, but I still don't get this. Stormtroopers are basic? Target keeps making jokes I don't understand!!!

Chelsea: I like that they found a model who kind of looks like Rey. I guess I get that the stormtroopers are the same but this is also kind of scary and aggressive. What if it's the stormtroopers who are saying that and I'm about to be killed?

Joanna: I also thought you could read it as a threat. Like, was Luke Skywalker basic?

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