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    15 Ways To Do Sweater Weather Right

    When the temperature drops, put on a sweater, or else.

    1. Put on a huge, sweatery sweater.

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    2. No, even more sweatery.

    3. NO, this is serious. Put on a REAL sweater.

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    4. Make sure your sweater meets the three important sweater criteria: Thickness, fluffiness, and warmability.

    5. And then layer on more sweaters. It's time you realized sweater weather isn't some kind of joke. It's a lifestyle.

    6. Get ready to sweat.

    7. When you see someone else wearing a sweater yell out "That guy knows!"

    8. Rub a sweater on your face.

    9. Hang out in an industrial meat locker, with this guy, just because you can.

    10. No matter where you are, find a way to curl up in a ball. So cozy.

    11. Just forget about wearing pants. The sweater is enough.

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    12. When friends and family show concern because you haven't left the fireplace for days, ignore them. You don't need them now. Only sweater.

    13. Find any fisherman in a sweater and say "Don't WE look great?" Then force him to pose in your selfie.

    14. Start lifting weights just in case you have to forcibly put sweaters on non-sweater-wearing peers.

    15. Make someone ask you what the weather is like outside. You've been mouthing these words in the mirror for months. Whisper "It's sweater weather" and bask in this glory forever.

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