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23 Signs You're Living A Lie

You can't hide a massive, soul-crushing secret forever.

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1. Your girlfriend/boyfriend has been "on vacation" for at least a year.

2. No one can borrow your laptop under any circumstances.

3. Your home features at least one locked closet.

4. You require at least 72 hours notice before anyone comes over.

5. Your monthly wig expenditures are off the charts.

6. Your profile photo looks awfully similar to that model in the L.L. Bean catalog.

7. You're always prepared to answer to at least two different names.

8. You've lost track of how many times you've sent the text "I have to tell you something," and then followed it up with "never mind!"

9. The producers of MTV's Catfish won't stop calling you.


10. You own a prosthetic makeup kit.

11. You've scheduled an important business meeting and a personal dinner on the same night at the same restaurant.

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12. You know the top three places in town to get a fake ID.

13. You've reached the pro dodgeball level of dodging personal questions.

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14. Your second family is getting suspicious.

15. Every morning you look in the mirror and repeat, "This is who I am now."

16. You've said the words "Yes... of course...this is for"

17. You regularly change clothes inside a public restroom stall.

18. You've worn a mask outside of Halloween.

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19. You wear an emotional mask every day.

20. You've spent hours practicing a different laugh.

21. Your book club is starting to suspect you never read The Alchemist.

22. You've told yourself you love tap dancing so many times you've really started to believe it.

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23. The Starbucks barista just stares at you blankly when you say "I don't even know who I am anymore."

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