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    22 Smells New Yorkers Will Never Forget


    1. Garbage

    Flickr: rhockens

    The signature scent of unwanted refuse hides quaintly in each corner of the busy metropolis.

    2. Hot garbage

    Flickr: notionscapital

    Hot garbage takes regular garbage to the next level in both intensity and gross factor.

    3. Subway garbage

    Flickr: mwichary

    Subway garbage is like regular garbage but with notes of "been sitting around for a while" and a hint of "can't escape this stench."

    4. Rotting garbage

    Flickr: bettyx1138

    A sophisticated garbage.

    5. Extra tall stack of garbage

    Flickr: uxud

    Additional garbage height adds more depth to the smell.

    6. Urine

    Flickr: praetoriansentry

    The familiar smell of urine can pop in and out of your life at any time, like an old friend. It's almost comforting. Maybe?

    7. Poo

    Flickr: violettalough

    Often you don't know if it's from a dog or a human.

    8. Burnt street meat

    Flickr: rhockens

    Is that delicious meat? Wait no, something's wrong. I'm coughing.

    9. Inside of a cab

    Flickr: bettyx1138

    A delicate blend of funk, public car seat, sweat and sometimes, if you're lucky, weird cologne.

    10. Fish

    Flickr: drivebysh00ter

    Ain't nobody dope as fish, they're just so fresh, so clean. Chinatown.

    11. City Dampness

    Flickr: hisgett

    Wet cement and the hint of the smell of wet people you often get at a water park.

    12. Whatever this is

    Flickr: barrymcgee

    The gentle waft of mystery steam.

    13. Pizza

    Flickr: robboudon

    Sweet, sweet pizza.

    14. Soft pretzels

    Flickr: vilavelosa

    Smells soft and gentle, like a salty baby.

    15. Halal cart

    Flickr: juliandunn

    Intense, alluring meat and rice essence.

    16. Chestnuts

    Flickr: mishagl

    Chestnuts roasting on some dude's cart, Jack Frost killing your will to live. Mobs of tourists loooooooooking for nuts will find them here and also in their hearts.

    17. Other nuts

    Flickr: 16989146@N06

    Nut smells lurk in many corners of the city. The popular Nuts 4 Nuts carts allow you to barter nuts you have for other different nuts.*

    *Not how it works.

    18. Broken dreams

    Flickr: -jvl-

    This gentle, depressing scent floats throughout the city on a breeze of disappointment with a hint of failure.

    19. Coffee

    Flickr: emilyrides

    The delicious smell of mornings and huffy commuters.

    20. Something bakin'

    Flickr: mishagl

    Enticing at first, and then, more of a taunt than a smell.

    21. Random bacon

    Flickr: dinnerseries

    The smell of mass bacon production can hit anytime, anywhere.

    22. Misc. bad smell

    Flickr: mcleod

    Sometimes there's a smell you just can't identify. It's probably garbage though.