A Bagel And A Muffin Had A Baby Called A Mufgel And It's Delicious

    Breakfast food mashups can't be stopped.

    If the cronut taught us anything, it's that man's twisted desire to mash up breakfast foods will never end. Meet the mufgel: a bagel and a muffin combined.

    The mufgel is a creation from The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, known for its rainbow bagels.

    The store does a lot of food mashups — cragels (croissant-bagels), pookies (pie crust cookies), and what we've decided to call a "wunnagle."

    Their latest creation? The mufgel. We stopped by to try the pizza variety.

    This is three different foods at once: pizza, muffin, and bagel. And she's beautiful.

    The dough is a muffin-bagel hybrid with mozzarella cheese on top. You can get any cream cheese flavor with your mufgel, but we chose sun-dried tomato for the full pizza effect.

    This may seem like the creation of a mad breakfast scientist drunk with power, but we tried it and, shockingly, it was good.

    It smelled amazing.

    It tasted like a gentle, squishy, cheesy pizza bagel. (In a good way.)

    The Bagel Store also has carrot cake mufgels (below) and chocolate chip crumb mufgels.

    Lesson learned: We should never have judged you, mufgel. You beautiful, delicious beast.