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    22 Super Not-Sad Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

    What a fun holiday!

    1. Hanging out on your couch.

    2. Hanging out on the floor next to your couch.

    3. Eating an entire bag of Milano cookies.

    4. Looking out the window.

    5. Overhearing the sound of people yelling.

    6. Eating an entire ring of frozen cocktail shrimp before they're fully thawed.

    7. Going to the store for a fresh bag of Milano cookies.

    8. Buying a can of those rolled up wafer cookie sticks because you saw them with your eyes.

    9. Crying

    10. Talking to the can of cookie sticks about your hopes and dreams.

    11. Eating the leftover cocktail sauce that came with the shrimp.

    12. Googling photos of mini pigs wearing sweaters.

    13. Crying

    14. Searching for little ducks made of felt on Etsy.

    15. Crying

    16. Staring at the Google doodle for what feels like hours.

    17. Throwing the can of cookie sticks in the trash because it doesn't believe in your hopes and dreams.

    18. Ordering one of those jumbo 5-lb gummy bears off Amazon.

    19. Ordering a dollhouse for the giant gummy bear to live in.

    20. Panicking and Googling cheaper dollhouses to find a better deal.

    21. Fishing the cookie sticks out of the trash.

    22. Kissing the cookie sticks because it's midnight and it's time to let bygones be bygones.