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How To Get Rid Of Your Winter Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Snuggle season is coming to a close. Get ready to kick those wintertime hotties to the curb.

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So, you decided to get yourself a winter boyfriend or girlfriend to keep warm this winter. (After all, space heaters can't talk or laugh at your jokes... yet. Come on, space heating engineers!)

But the holidays are over and spring is just around the corner. You DO NOT want this winter bf/gf hanging around when it comes time to get a summer boyfriend/girlfriend. How do you get them out of here? Try these steps.

1. Hide all your warm, cozy blankets.

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Cozy blankets are such a liability. Your winter bf/gf obviously loves snuggling so even if you try to call it quits, they could just hide under a blanket, or worse, suck you into a snuggle vortex.


4. If you have a fireplace, make sure that thing is sealed off.

Flickr: themessiah

You don't want old winter bf/gf getting any warm, snuggly ideas about cozying up to a fire. Plus, this is just sound general advice to prevent bats from flying in your home.


11. Offer them a nice cup of tea... ICED tea.

There's nothing your winter bf/gf loves more than curling up with a warm cup of tea. Throw ice into the mix and they'll likely end the relationship right then and there.