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How Normcore Are You?

Test your desire for blandness. Also, what?

  1. Is this a style icon?

    Pool / Getty Images
  2. Is this a style icon?

    Jumbo Pictures / Ellipse Programme / Nickelodeon Network
  3. Are these style icons?

    Getty Images / Hulton Archive
  4. Is this a style icon?
  5. Is this your desktop background?

  6. Would you eat this?
  7. Would you drink this?

  8. Would you wear a turtleneck?
  9. Would you wear a mock zip turtleneck?
  10. Do you listen to U2?

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images
  11. Do you use paper towels?

    Flickr: thousandshipz
  12. Do you drive a sedan?

    Flickr: msvg
  13. Have you ever said "Have a good one"?

  14. Would you eat any of this?

    Flickr: rutlo
  15. Would you wear socks with sandals?

    Flickr: puptoes74
  16. Would you use a free tote bag?
  17. Would you eat bagged salad?
  18. Do you drink coffee?

    Flickr: renaissancechambara
  19. Do you shop here?

    Flickr: nffcnnr
  20. Do you wear khaki pants?
  21. Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"?

  22. Do you ever wear a baseball cap?

    Flickr: toofarnorth
  23. Would you wear a zip up fleece?

  24. Do you ever type in a Microsoft Word document?