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How Basic Is Your Baby?

Your baby is mad basic.

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  1. Does your baby do things just for the attention?
    Does your baby lack a unique sense of style?
    Does your baby just wear what other babies are wearing?
    Does your baby rarely contribute anything during conversations?
    Does your baby just sit back while other people are having important intellectual discussions?
    Does your baby have a laughably small vocabulary?
    Is your baby unable to express an original opinion?
    Does your baby just cruise through life relying on other people?
    Is your baby codependent?
    Is your baby basically taking advantage of a free ride?
    Does your baby lack ambition?
    Does your baby laugh at things that aren't even funny?
    Is your baby easily amused by dumb things?
    Like jingling car keys or shiny objects?
    Is your baby always doing boring stuff?
    Are your baby's motives often painfully transparent?
    Does your baby point out things that are super obvious?
    Is your baby self absorbed, caring only about his or her own needs?
    Is your baby totally unsophisticated?
    Is your baby largely incompetent when it comes to even the simplest tasks like driving a car or crossing the street?
    Does your baby refuse to educate him or herself?
    Does your baby fail to stay on top of current events?
    Does your baby remain willfully ignorant about the issues we face today as a society?
    If you asked your baby what the last book he or she read was, would he or she even be able to tell you?
    Does your baby think he or she is so cool when they're really not at all?
    Does your baby refuse to take responsibility for his or her own actions?
    Has your baby never once taken charge of a situation?
    Does your baby refuse to see the truth?
    Can your baby not even take care of him or herself?
    Does your baby act like a big baby?

How Basic Is Your Baby?

Your baby's not basic. Your baby is what's known as a Boss Baby or a Bad Baby, which is good. Congratulations on your non-basic baby.

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Wow, your baby is basic. You've got a basic baby on your hands. Tell your baby to get with the program and stop being so basic.

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