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    23 Times Forever 21 Shirts Went Too Far

    Not all words belong on T-shirts.

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    Chelsea: Great job interview outfit. I guess my main question: What is the difference between "real" and "fake" stuff??

    Joanna: This shirt is making me question the entire fabric of reality. Am I real?


    Chelsea: The most depressing thing would be to look in the mirror while wearing this shirt.

    Joanna: I think they should just make a shirt that says, "I'm not putting up with your bullshit today, Cathy."


    Chelsea: This would be 100% less depressing if there were sloths on this.

    Joanna: Honestly, it's hard for me to argue with this shirt. Let's all just go home and sleep. Forever.


    Chelsea: If her pocket is only for teeny tiny mermaids, I just hope that she has built the proper ecosystem to keep them alive. Otherwise, that would be a damn disaster.

    Joanna: I hate to say it, but I'm just imagining the horror show of dead tiny mermaids in your pocket. Be careful! Tiny mermaids are precious.


    Chelsea: Um, everyone knows mermaids are born, not made.

    Joanna: Mermaid University is clearly a scam. Unless you can major in seashell bras, then that would be pretty cool.


    Chelsea: The only logical explanation for this shirt is that this model is one of many robot clones who were put up for sale, Ex Machina-style, and sold out shortly after the movie was released. Even though the clear message of that movie was: Do not invite clones into your home.

    Joanna: I'm disappointed to hear the clones are sold out. And disappointed about my inevitable murder by clones.


    Chelsea: This girl has never been to the desert and would probably piss herself if she was surrounded by that many coyotes. Not blaming her, but maybe the more honest shirt would say "desert nightmares." I would buy that shirt.

    Joanna: Now I desperately want a shirt that says "desert nightmares."


    Chelsea: 10/10 would avoid a person wearing this shirt at all costs. Pretty sure it's not a coincidence that the placement of the letters say "bad."

    Joanna: I don't think anyone is allowed to say the word "blogging" anymore. Pretty sure it was outlawed.


    Chelsea: Pollution is creating more hybrid animals conjoined at the head. It's life!

    Joanna: I don't like the way those French cats look at me.


    Joanna: This shirt says, "I like travel...and MURDER." It's hard for me to not feel threatened by a blood-dripping font.

    Chelsea: I'm 90% sure this a reference to a Puff Daddy song and 100% sure whoever owns this shirt has never lived in a world where Puff Daddy went to P. Diddy and back again.


    Chelsea: Yes, the reason to be happy is to look better and please those around you.



    Chelsea: Whispers: "Hey, you over there. Come closer. CLOSER. I'm...a pretty lil' mess." If she was committed, she'd get some stains on that shirt ASAP.

    Joanna: "I'm such a mess. But it's charming because I'm pretty! I'M SO PRETTY!" [falls down a flight of stairs]


    Chelsea: I guess it's nice to be honest about being sensitive and an actual baby. Been burned a few too many times.

    Joanna: I was not aware that being a crybaby was cool now. In that case I'm a big baby and I cry all the time. Can I come to your party? No? That's fine.


    Chelsea: I still don't know??

    Joanna: This seems like a cryptic, passive-aggressive Facebook status from your high school friend who needs attention.


    Chelsea: This shirt screams "I LACK ALL SENSE OF SELF-AWARENESS." I'm embarrassed looking at it.

    Joanna: Nope.


    Chelsea: This is a huge bummer.

    Joanna: Bummer 21.


    Joanna: Man, look at those popular kids having fun at the beach. Now I'm depressed.

    Chelsea: The only person who can wear this is your grandma.


    Joanna: I need a week between Saturday and Sunday and the ability to freeze time. Check and mate.

    Chelsea: Time is a construct. OPEN YOUR EYES.


    Chelsea: There is so much going on at Forever 21 promoting robot friends. I'm starting to think they're going to create robots who will forever be...21.

    Joanna: [licks computer monitor]


    Joanna: There's something about seeing the word "chill" over and over again that makes me anxious. It's like this shirt is telling me to calm down and I want it to stop telling me what to do.

    Chelsea: I hope under the "chill" there are actual cooling pads. That would


    Chelsea: Because I'm a human being and human beings contain multitudes?? Jeez.

    Joanna: The back of this shirt says, "No one cares about your problems, Cathy."


    Chelsea: A piece of clothing can't tell me what to do!! I don't kiss shirts, OK? Especially not bossy ones.

    Joanna: This makes me worry about the number of people who may not realize a graphic tee from Forever 21 is not consent.


    Joanna: Captain's log: We've been trapped inside this Forever 21 for three years now.

    Chelsea: I hate to break it to you but you will not stay Forever21. One day, you will be Forever31, then 41, then 91, then dead. And that will actually be forever. ForeverDead™.