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15 Times The Moon Looked Like A Hot Mess

Moon, put a shirt on. You're embarrassing yourself.

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1. Moon, this is way too skinny. For the love of god, eat a sandwich.

2. Did the moon gain weight?


4. No moon baby. Guess it's just fat.

5. The moon REALLY let itself go. Remember when it used to be a sexy moon? USED TO be.

6. Does anyone ACTUALLY think this is attractive?

7. No astronaut would land on this moon, except maybe a desperate one or an astronaut that's really into fatty-fat-fat moons.

8. Look, moon, we're all really worried about you. You're so fat. It's just not healthy.

9. Stop promoting your fat moon lifestyle to everyone who looks up in the sky. YOU'RE SUCH A BAD ROLE MODEL, YA FAT MOON.

10. Confirmed: The moon is made of cheese THAT IT COULDN'T STOP EATING.

11. No way that's real. You think we're too stupid to spot a moon implant?

12. OK, moon, when are we going to hear about your Weight Watchers endorsement?

13. The moon lost weight but it doesn't look as cute.

14. Can't believe the moon lost THAT much weight. It's not healthy.

15. OK, moon, what part of "eat a sandwich" do you not understand? You take two pieces of bread, add meat, lettuce and tomato, maybe some chipotle mayo, and then you stuff it in your face. Is it really that hard?

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