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How Futuristic Are You?

Maybe you belong in space.

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  1. Check all that apply.

    I use a computer.
    I use a smartphone all the time.
    I have a lot of apps.
    I’m internet savvy.
    I spend most of my time online.
    I don’t fear technology.
    I am technology.
    I am made of shiny metal.
    I have a hoverboard for feet.
    At least 10% of my body is lasers.
    You might think you’re talking to me but it’s probably a hologram.
    I pour milk on USB memory sticks and eat them for breakfast.
    I live in space.
    One time I punched a wormhole.
    I can charge an iPhone with my teeth.
    If you look into my eyes you’ll see the birth and death of a million galaxies.
    One time I had a baby and it had an iPad Mini for a head and two Samsung Galaxies for hands.
    I named it Space Baby.
    Somewhere on my body is a USB port.
    I saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and could relate to all of the plot points.
    Sometimes I hear a weird beeping sound and I realize it’s me making that beeping sound.
    I can turn into a car.
    All of my friends are computer chips.
    I can’t be killed.
    I would consider having sex with a Roomba.
    Sometimes I have weird dreams and wake up to realize they’ve been turned into a Netflix original series.
    Please don’t look inside my mouth. It’s full of very bright LEDs that would blind you.
    I think the international space station is quaint.
    One time I drank biofuel. It tasted OK.
    My mom is a drone.

How Futuristic Are You?

You enjoy living in the present. You're a real person and that's probably for the best. The future is not your problem.

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