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    15 Signs Your Love Of Target Is Spiraling Out Of Control

    Just stopping in to quickly grab a million things.

    1. You can feel your brain releasing pleasure chemicals as soon as you pull into the parking lot.

    2. You even get excited to see those weird Target balls.

    3. You don't know what adventure awaits in those red-hued aisles, but you can't wait to find out.

    4. The $1 area is like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

    5. You feel your heart being pulled in every direction.

    6. You feel like you're on a magical adventure full of things you didn't even know you needed.

    7. Even buying laundry detergent is an explosion of joy.

    8. You struggle to ignore the unnecessary things calling out to you.

    9. Hours pass as you're sucked into the Target time warp.

    10. You start to feel like maybe you should live here.

    11. You start to worry that maybe you'll never leave.

    12. You start to suffer from Target-induced amnesia.

    13. You have to reevaluate your life when it's time to check out.

    14. You leave the store in a daze of ecstasy.

    15. But you're ready to start your brand new life full of random things you bought.