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    21 Stupid Pumpkin Recipes You Should Make If You Really Love Pumpkin That Much

    Fall means one thing: Getting stupid with pumpkins.

    1. Cover a whole pumpkin with frosting.

    2. Stuff a few mini pumpkins inside a burrito.

    3. Add pumpkin gunk to your champagne cocktail.

    4. Pour pureed pumpkin on your cereal instead of milk.

    5. Take the inside stuff out of a pumpkin and plop that right in your coffee. DIY pumpkin spice latte.

    6. Two words: Pumpkins Benedict.

    7. Hollow out a watermelon and put a pumpkin inside. And eat that somehow.

    8. Substitute mini pumpkins for soup dumplings.

    9. Soak pumpkin chunks in vodka—party fun!

    10. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with gravy.

    11. Wrap a pumpkin in bacon.

    12. Open up a can of pumpkin and drink it on the go.

    13. Gild a pumpkin with edible gold.

    14. Use mini pumpkins as an unreasonably-sized add-in for trail mix.

    15. Rub down a pumpkin with herbs de Provence.

    16. Delve into molecular gastronomy with some pumpkin-flavored air.

    17. And a side of pumpkin whatever this is.

    18. Crack open a pumpkin and dip crackers right in there.

    19. Marinate a pumpkin overnight, rub it with salt, then just throw the whole thing on the grill.

    20. Dunk a pumpkin in chocolate for a decadent treat.

    21. Straight up eat a pumpkin.