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    15 Ways To Dress For Your Weirdly Specific Body Shape

    Dress to flatter your figure, even if you're shaped like a wind turbine.

    1. Pile of Towels


    If your body shape is "pile of towels" avoid soft, flowing fabrics and go for a more structured look like a blazer with jeans.

    2. Credenza


    If you've got one of those credenza-shaped bodies, it's all about proportions. Try color blocking!

    3. Rhombus


    If you're shaped like a rhombus, show it off! You can get away with shorter shorts than you think.

    4. Starbucks Cup


    If you're one of the many "Starbucks Cups" out there, you're not alone. The best look for you is solid colors with bold accessories.

    5. BBQ Sauce Display


    If your body is "bbq sauce display" then remember these six little words: wrap dress, wrap dress, wrap dress. And for guys, try layering with a V-neck sweater.

    6. Giant Lady Gaga Egg


    If you're shaped like the giant egg Lady Gaga was inside for the 2011 Grammys, consider empire waists.

    7. Jack LaLanne Juicer


    If your body type is "Jack LaLanne juicer," consider wearing tiny hats.

    8. Tub of Oatmeal


    If you're shaped like a tub of oatmeal, the throwback peplum trend is for you. And pencil skirts are your best friend.

    9. Spanish Mustang


    If you're shaped like a Spanish Mustang, avoid high-waisted pants and go for looser-fitting looks.

    10. Wind Turbine


    If your body shape is "wind turbine," congratulations! Every style looks flattering on you.

    11. Scandinavia


    If you're shaped like Scandinavia, wide leg pants, my friend. Wide leg pants.

    12. Dodge Scion


    If your body shape is "Dodge Scion," find styles that cinch in at the waist and don't forget a fun belt.

    13. Box of Cans


    If your body type is "box of cans," create length with a monochromatic look. Don't forget to match the shoes, you box of cans.

    14. Jared


    You can wear whatever you want! Even khakis and light wash denim!

    15. Yam


    All you yams out there, show some skin!

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