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14 Taylor Swift Gang Signs Explained

Taylor shows loyalty to a variety of gangs in the video for "22." Now you know.

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1. The Confettis

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Here Taylor is throwing the sign for the Confettis, a fairly new street gang she is rumored to be affiliated with. The gang's main claim to fame is spilling confetti everywhere and never cleaning it up. This is their only known crime and they are the most hated gang in all of Oklahoma City.

2. The Let's All Get Bangs Gang

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This is the sign for the Let's All Get Bangs Gang, or "Bangers." This violent street gang originated in Newark, New Jersey in the mid '80s when a bunch of members all wanted to get bangs at the same time. They're also one of the biggest suppliers of ID forgeries, and kill for fun.

3. Latin Kings

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Keep in mind, I don't know anything about gang signs, but if you squint hard this sort of looks like the sign for the Latin Kings, the largest and most organized Hispanic street gang in the United States. Why Taylor would be giving them a shout out is unclear.

4. The Breakfast For Dinner Gang (BFDG)

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The Breakfast for Dinner Gang began on the streets of Los Angeles in 1972, eating pancakes after 5 p.m. and stabbing countless people. This symbol of the gang is reportedly supposed to look like holding up four sausage links.

5. The Dinner For Breakfast Gang (DFBG)

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This is the sign of the Dinner For Breakfast Gang, the fierce rival of the Breakfast For Dinner Gang. It's weird that Taylor would play both sides like this. But if you smell Indian food at 9 a.m., you better lock your car doors and pray.

6. Lemonheads

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This is the sign for the Lemonhead gang. This gang formed on the streets of Manhattan in 1990. Their main calling card was hating the lemon flavor of Starbursts and eating them last. And also narcotics trafficking.

7. The PM PJs

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Here Taylor is throwing the sign for the PM PJs gang, a street gang formed in Long Beach, California in the early '90s. The PM PJs are best known for conducting illegal arms trafficking while wearing comfortable but cute pajamas.

8. The Hats

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This is the Hats sign. The Hats got their start at a hat shop in Oakland, CA when its members all tried on unusual hats and looked in the mirror and laughed. And then committed a record number of armed robberies and laughed.

9. The Cupcakes

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This is the sign for the Cupcakes, one of the most violent street gangs in the country, formed within the last decade in Nashville. Their name origin is unknown as they have no known connection to cupcakes and are best known for their initiation ritual of strangling a rival gang member with their own intestines.

11. Non-Prescription Glasses Gang

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Taylor is giving a shoutout to the Non-Prescription Glasses Gang. Though frames are worn by members at all times, preferably from Warby Parker, anyone in this gang discovered to be wearing glasses with a prescription is knifed in the face.

12. Silly Dancers

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Here Taylor throws the Silly Dancers sign. The silly dance craze that's sweeping the nation actually originated with this gang and many schools had to ban silly dancing at their functions due to its gang affiliation. Silly Dancers are one of the largest suppliers of heroin in the United States.

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