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    27 Items To Keep Your Kids Busy While They Are Off School But You Still Have To Work

    These toys, games, and crafts are all business...so parents can attend to their business with only minor interruptions.

    1. A Rainbow Loom Mega Combo set that includes 7,000+ latex-free rubber bands (not a typo) for making all manner of multi-colored bracelets. Once the kids get the hang of it, they'll want to start their own business so make sure to put in multiple orders to keep them busy!

    2. A build-your-own water rocket kit so nascent NASA engineers can send a recycled soda bottle where not many soda bottles have gone before (about 90 feet into the air).

    3. A Schwinn toddler and kids bike because this is truly an investment in time that will pay dividends once they learn to ride. Features both coaster and hand breaks, removable training wheels, and an adjustable seat post for those growth spurts.

    4. A kids' origami kit that includes 54 different projects (and luckily 55 pieces of paper) for nimble little fingers to learn the fine art of paper folding. Just be prepared for the migration of cranes that will soon be landing all over your home.

    5. A Whack-a-Frog game so little ones (and even not-so-little ones) can improve their hand-to-eye skills through 38 different speed-changing levels of amphibian smashing. Parents, you'll be playing this one when the kids are napping.

    Reviewer's image of plastic green frog game with white and red mallet

    6. A 3D skyline puzzle because an interest in international architecture has to start somewhere. Let that somewhere be right at home with these scale models featuring the most iconic locales of their respective cities. Best part? These can take up to three hours to put together!

    7. A build-and-paint birdhouse and wind chime kit to create some colorful new real estate opportunities for the aviary community in your backyard. Precut and slotted wooden boards make assembly easy for your crafty kiddos.

    8. A next-gen Tamagotchi Pix for teaching kids how to raise a virtual pet (hopefully better than you did). This version includes a camera so you can take selfies with your character as well as connect with other Tamagotchi devices to go on play dates, exchange gifts, or play 17 different games.

    9. A make-your-own kit of four pet suncatchers to let the light shine on their latest artistic endeavor (and this one doesn't have to go on an already packed refrigerator door).

    10. A 130-piece indoor/outdoor glow-in-the-dark fort-building kit that's like a larger version of tinker toys but is also able to support a thin blanket or sheet. No adults allowed in the fort, you say? Oh. Ok. No problem.

    11. A Buddha Board for painting rich, inky, water-based images onto a "canvas" that will slowly fade as the water evaporates. The best part? It's not messy.

    12. A Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt game with 35 different things for kids to spend minutes (maybe even hours) finding (both indoors and outdoors). Parents, it's up to you to increase the level of difficulty here (translation: buy yourself some more time).

    13. An easy-to-use Melissa & Doug wooden weaving loom to encourage the kids to make art that's "wearable, usable, and displayable." It's a gift that says, "Get lost, screen time, I'm making something!"

    Child model playing with loom and colorful yarn

    14. A "The Figgy" play couch with velcro-connecting cushions so kids can build sturdy forts, ramps, tunnels, ball pits, or whatever their architectural imagination can come up with. Plus, it gives your couch cushions a much-needed break!

    15. A Paint By Sticker book of zoo animals that sounds exactly like what it is: fun craft time that's a little sticky but not nearly as messy as breaking out the paints. That's a win for parents right there!

    16. A 122-piece Gravitrax marble run starter set to build race tracks and experiment with "gravity, magnetism, and kinetics." Includes nine different layouts to build, but this one is really all about kids creating their own marble madness.

    17. A Step2 kitchen playset that'll keep the kids cooking (re: occupied) with working oven and refrigerator doors, a pass-through kitchen window, a stove burner with lights and sounds, and 25 culinary accessories (they can even "brew" coffee!). Talk about teaching life skills!

    Two child models playing in and around plastic kitchen play set

    18. A Craft-tastic "Make a Fox Friend" kit if your child wants to learn the basics of sewing while putting together a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories for this fantastic (and fabulous) little fox stuffie. No special tools or additional supplies are needed so this makes a great all-in-one gift!

    19. A STEM-learning Educational Insights Pyxel pet for getting kids into coding and for parents not quite ready for a real puppy in the house. Pyxel has built-in Wi-Fi, which means it will connect to devices without an internet connection (safe and secure). Code 30+ cool tricks and watch as Pyxel changes color, reacts to sounds, and express emotions!

    20. A National Geographic "break-open" geodes kit to engross junior geologists in some "hammer time." Kids can break open these naturally-occurring volcanic rocks with beautiful crystals inside and then study and display them. This set totally rocks!

    21. A five-pack 3D coloring puzzle set that's equal parts calming (the coloring) and problem-solving (the puzzling). And instead of putting the puzzle back into the box, kids can display their colorful works of art in their rooms.

    Model's hands coloring pieces of 3D puzzle

    22. A Hot Wheels Track Builder playset for some fast, furious, and family-oriented car racing action with three different stunts to build. Works with other Hot Wheels tracks and neatly stores all in one box!

    23. A 100-piece magnet building tile set that may not be the "name brand" in this toy category but offers more pieces for less money, which actually (if we check our math) might mean more fun time for the kids and quiet time for the adults.

    24. A Build And Paint wooden cars craft kit to capture all the fun of the Pinewood Derby without actually having the kids join the Cub Scouts. Includes three functioning cars, paints, stickers, and no extra tools needed.

    Packaging and three colorful painted wooden toy cars

    25. A no-mess, three-pack of Melissa & Doug Water Wows featuring four reusable pages of coloring activities with a refillable water pen that conveniently stores in the cover. Nothing fancy here; they just get the job done and allow parents to do their jobs in relative peace (for at least a few minutes).

    Child's hand coloring on Water Wows with a water pen

    26. A D&D "Dragons of Stormwreck" Isle starter set introducing future members of the Hellfire Club to the classic fantasy roleplaying adventure game. Ideal for newbies on their first quest but also fun for parental Dungeon Masters too. Alexa, play "In The Garage" by Weezer! 

    Split image of painted D&D characters and packing with manual and dice

    For ages 12+. 

    Includes a 48-page adventure booklet, a 32-page rulebook for playing characters of levels one to three, five ready-to-play characters (each with a character sheet), and six polyhedral game dice. 

    Promising review: "We have been playing D&D for years and we love playing new adventures. I found this starter kit and ordered immediately. After reading through and getting it set up to start, it will be very fun. One of our group always wants to talk to every new group or creature we come across. It's always fun and interesting how some adventures is more talking and some are more fighting and you never know what you are going to get...sorry no spoilers." —knightslady

    Get it from Amazon for $19.82.

    27. And finally, an Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet because sometimes parents need to cross the Rubicon and allow for some screen time. Features 10+ hours of battery life, parental controls, and a sturdy "kid-proof" case. Everyone wins!

    If you can't find the time, then hopefully, one of these busy-body products will make some time for you!

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