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Aug 2020
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    jlocke02461 commented on Tell Us Your Funniest Childhood Gym Class Story

    We had a coach in middle school who had Tourette's Syndrome. Some of the kids thought it was hilarious, but for the most part we just treated it like no big deal. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to any type of sport that involves a ball, so I treated PE like a blow off, because....lets… 


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    jlocke02461 commented on Jamie Lynn Spears Called Out Elon Musk And Tesla For The Death Of Her Cats

    Ok, i'm not going to comment on the cats, but she did bring up a valuable point about the vehicles not making a sound--I have a friend who is legally blind and has almost been hit by electric cars several times because they literally cannot tell that the vehicle is coming at them… 


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    jlocke02461 commented on What's The Most Garbage Way Someone Has Ever Broken Up With You?

    First BF, I was 20, still living with my parents while in college, summer break. My boyfriend and I had been together 2 years, he is 4 years older than me, and we spend a good amount of time at my parent's house--including him staying over a lot. Well, I got up one morning, made… 


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    jlocke02461 commented on How Much Random History Do You Actually Know?

    Quick note: Mayan is a Language, the Maya are an indigenous group.


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    jlocke02461 commented on 17 Men From Teen Movies Who Are, Without A Doubt, The Absolute Worst

    Ok, about #1....I'm not going to defend Joe's behavior to Jess or Jules, that was messed up, but his response to Jess bringing up the racial slur was a valid one. the Irish have a very turbulent history with the English, even in recent decades. Do a brief search into The Irish Troubles… 


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