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Katy Perry Makes ESPN Announcers Hilariously Uncomfortable

Corn dogs, quarterback crushes, and kisses OH MY!

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So Katy Perry was on College GameDay last Saturday.

ESPN / Via

Ready to pick the matchups of the day

But no one was prepared for literally any of the things she did.

ESPN / Via

Can we please appreciate Chris Fowler's expression?

Like bringing a platter of corn dogs because she heard everyone was hungry.

ESPN / Via

Or talking about cocks.

ESPN / Via

She crushed hard on Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight.

ESPN / Via

Like seriously.

ESPN / Via

He probably did too.

She also kissed Kirk Herbstreit's face...

ESPN / Via he proceeded to twist his wedding ring.

ESPN / Via

That bright red face is hiding nothing, Herby.

The set quickly turned into a circus.

ESPN / Via

But that's what happens when Katy Perry is your guest.

ESPN / Via
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