21 Terrifying Gifs Perfect For Halloween

Happy Halloween. Now catch your breath.

2. You guys heard that, right?

4. I’m never sleeping again.

5. Don’t blink!

6. Did that just…?

7. I hate the dark.

8. Bounce, bounce, bounce

9. Walls won’t save you.

10. Nononononono

11. Just peak out of the door

12. I don’t trust mirrors anymore.

13. I also don’t trust people who stand facing corners.

15. Another reason TV static sucks

16. Have fun coloring

17. Sheets make you safe, right?

18. Oh, hello there.

19. Night vision goggles won’t help.

20. Pro tip: don’t buy a strobe light.

21. Okay, it’s bedtime

Happy Halloween!

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