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When You Can't Agree On A OTP

Turning friends into enemies and enemies into friends - nothing can divide two people like a fictional TV couple.

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When you first find out someone also loves your favorite show


FINALLY! Someone to talk about your obsession with instead of just strangers you meet online.

Nothing can tear you two apart now


So many quotes to quote. So many theories to discuss.

It feels like you're in a special club - just you two

Then the topic of your OTP comes up...


...suddenly everything changes.

Maybe they don't think Mindy and Danny make a cute couple


Ex-queeze me???

Perhaps they feel nothing about Ron and Hermione


You prefer Ginny and Harry?!?

Or they were mad that Joey didn't end up with Dawson


I mean....honestly....

What if they didn't want Rachel to get off the plane?


Are you some kind of monster?!

God forbid, they didn't think Cory and Topanga would last

You act like it doesn't bother you

Maybe you two can still be friends

It's not like they're even real people you're fighting about

Then you start to really think about it


All the episodes. All the Tumblr posts. All the FanFiction. All the Etsy items purchased.

What? You're just supposed to change everything you believe in?

You promise things are cool between you guys

But can you ever trust someone who doesn't believe in true love?

Probably Not.

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