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14 Great Alternate Histories Of The World From "Alternate Histories Of The World"

Artist Matthew Buchholz enjoys history, monsters, and history with monsters. Now his book is out.

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3. The Beast of Boston Harbor

"European artist Franz Xaver Habermann created this engraving sometime in the early 1770s. It shows the early days of Boston Harbor and is designed to emulate the feel of a typical European city and create sympathy for the colonies."

4. The Surrender of the British at Yorktown

"The fiercely loyal and intelligent dragons, commanded by Cornwallis himself, were the scourge of the colonies until the creation of Franklin’s steam-powered army."

5. Chicago in 1820

"Although many know it either as a cosmopolitan metropolis or as the hog-butchering capital of the world, most people are not familiar with Chicago's rough and tumble beginnings."

7. A Portrait of the Presidents circa 1865

"In addition to stalwarts like Washington & Jefferson, this picture

includes several rare and now-forgotten figures like

William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, John Adams and

Zombie John Adams (who served non-consecutive terms),

Zachary Taylor, Metallo the Mechanical Man, Mallard Fillmore,

and Rondo the Amazing!"

8. "A Lover's Ramble, Interrupted"

"Oh to be walking in the quiet countryside with your one true love, blissfully unaware of the ravenous creature in the lake about to interrupt your idyll."

9. The Monster That Made Milwaukee Famous

"At the turn of the century, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company estimated that they lost 1,200 barrels to the wily sea creature in one year alone."

10. The Colossus of Akron

"Of particular interest is the portrait of the Buckeye, Mower, & Reaper farm machinery works, as well as the attack on the Akron Knife Works by the town’s eponymous colossal monster."

11. View of Pittsburgh circa 1902

"This hand-drawn view of Pittsburgh includes a key to such interesting items as the Exposition buildings, various railroad terminals, and Minnie the Monongahela Monster."

13. The Invisible Gentleman's Association of Philadelphia

"The Philadelphia charter of this organization was rumored to be

one of the most populous in the country, although exact

bookkeeping was problematic."

14. Inauguration of Vilnar the Destroyer

"Vilnar narrowly defeated incumbent Calvin Coolidge in a

highly contested race that saw vicious debate over the

growth of federal power and the molecular disintegration

of Coolidge’s vice president during a debate."

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