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23 Reasons Why Darya Safai Is The Best Beat Rein Ever!

My Beat Rein is turning 23 today and everyone deserves to know why she's the best beat rein there is! *A beat rein is a best friend that you make while heavily intoxicated and only knowing the person for >5 min before confessing your platonic love for one another

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23. We have the same style Ray Bans

22. She's always the life of the party

21. And she's great with directions...

20. ...Even when I can't find the diagonal roads

19. Dar's always teaching me new and exciting things

18. Like how to living-room camp

17. She's always the prettiest girl in the room...

16. ...Always

15. And she's always the background on my phone

14. Darya's got that diploma from the College of Swag...

13. seriously

12. She always looks like a Kardashian, even when working out

11. She's mastered taking the perfect selfie

10. And she taught me a very valuable lesson...

9. ...if at first you don't succeed...

8. ...just stop while you're ahead

7. So Happy Birthday Beat Rein, lets have some cake!

6. Because, as we both know...

5. You're fabulous

4. And prettier than Kim Kardashian and Beyonce combined!

3. And more fun than a Panera, Target, and PetSmart trip combined!

2. Happy 23rd Birthday Beat Rein!


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