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    Misconceptions About Muslim Women

    We, admit to having misconceptions regarding Muslim women. We hope to provide factual information especially today with terrorist attacks and stereotypes against Muslims and Muslim women so prevalent in the media.

    1. WE thought: Muslim men do not want women in the workplace

    2. WE thought: Muslim women wear the hijab out of force from their religion/country

    3. WE thought: Muslim women wearing long clothing can be seen as a security risk and a "flag of fundamentalism"

    4. WE thought: Muslim women are forced into arranged marriages by their parents

    5. WE thought: Muslim women feel oppressed and don't get as many opportunities as women in other cultures

    6. WE thought: Muslim women are (or should be) uneducated

    7. WE thought: Muslim women are submissive to their male counterparts

    8. WE thought: Muslim women can't have jobs outside of their homes

    9. WE thought: All Muslim women are alike and are just a stereotype