5 "Batman" Movies To Tide You Over 'Til The Next One Comes Out

    To be honest, these are just some of my favorite Batman movies.

    The Batman has been out for over a month and the reviews are a bit mixed. Though the film holds an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes with 454 reviews, some viewers go from saying it's “one of the better Batman movies ever made” to “it’s too dark and not noir enough.” These reviews might make it hard to decide whether you should see Robert Pattinson go from vampire to a bat. So if you’re debating whether to watch him, here are eight other Batman movies I recommend.

    1. The Dark Knight Trilogy

    covers for "Batman begins," "dark knight," "dark knight rises"

    2. The Lego Batman Movie

    a lego batman

    3. Batman: Under The Red Hood

    batman holds robin's limp body

    4. The Killing Joke

    joker with wide eyes and a wide mouth, all teeth showing holds his head with both hands

    5. Batman Ninja

    animated batman, alfred, and two other people in cat and superhero uniforms

    You can find all of these films on HBO Max, with a few spread out onto other platforms. So, if you’re not sure Robert Pattinson is the right Batman for you, watch one or all of these movies above and see which Batman suits you.