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    The Ultimate Breaking Bad Finale Party

    And oh yes, includes Heisenburgers.

    Jamee Bryant is a party planner from Indianapolis, IN. She's so thrilled about the Breaking Bad finale that decided to host a party for the show's ending this sunday. But it aint any party… it's definitely the best one.

    Here's one of the food stations.

    She bought some 55 gallon barrels on Craigslist, and dressed them up like they were Methylamine containers.

    Here you have some Funyuns, yeah.


    Now, it's ime for some fried chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos.

    Try to not complain to the management if they're too spicy.

    Fortunately, you won't have to get these pizzas from your rooftop.

    And if you're thirsty, you can always have a Heisenberg's Blue Crystal brew.

    Oh, sweeties! Let's get a bag of this Blue Ice…

    But look… here are the Walter's Whities!

    I'm not sure if i would eat one of those. Seriously,