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    Use Gmail Support Services To Resolve Your Issue

    For a long time Hotmail and Yahoo were leading the pack of service providers with who people had their email accounts registered, with Gmail following them at third position from a distance.

    There are a lot of features that a Gmail account offers you, which other service providers don't. For instance, A Toll free number will be provided by gmail for any complaints 1-866-688-6581 and a free Gmail account gives you inbox storage space in excess of 5GB, which keeping on increasing with time. The other unique feature is something that most of the people today are unaware of. It implies that a Gmail email account could also be used as an online email client and can be used to download email from all your email addresses as well, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.

    But over past 6 years, Gmail has seen a huge surge in the number of people who have their accounts with Google. It is estimated that the number also includes some accounts that have been created for using Android only, but it is not certain just how many of them are there. In total, there are more than 425 million users of Gmail services as per the recently concluded survey of October 2015.

    There are several other features as well, which are not unique, but are much better than what other service providers offer with free accounts. With so many benefits, Gmail account has a lot of good reasons why it has become the leading email service provider of today. Gmail Customer Support team is also quite efficient however it can only be reached via email for free account holders.

    There are also Gmail technical support number modules listed on its website that you can make use of to resolve your issue on your own. These modules have detailed instructions provided for a number of problems that people generally face with their email accounts. In terms of genuineness, these self help modules are indeed one of the best options to go by to get the most appropriate conclusion for your issue.

    If you need to have live help too, you would have to get yourself a paid Gmail account. There would be a monthly rental that you would have to pay for. Besides you would also get other add-ons such as bigger storage space for emails and ad free version of Gmail. For those who want neither of the two, there is another choice as well, in the form of independent support providers. These companies work separately from Microsoft, but still strive to offer you same level of support in their services.

    Their charges are quite low too, and so you would never feel the burden of availing their services, and would yet end up with the right resolution for your issue.