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    • Jinni

      Completely irrelevant “point,” brewergirl. Where in the article does the author ever say thatawhite designer casting white models is racist? Smh. Are you one of those people that whenever there isaHINT of criticism for white racism immediately responds, “Well ifablack person did it…” The issue is the lack of diversity. Ifablack designer casted all black models, it wouldn’t beaproblem bc THIS RARELY HAPPENS. So many models are white!! It is this lack of diversity that is the problem.  I’ll use your logic against you. In an alternative universe, if every designer only hired black models, if black models were the status quo, there would STILL beaproblem of diversity. And there would be articles criticizing the lack of diversity. And ifadesigner hired only white models, that designer would probably be lauded for contributing to diversity. The issue is diversity, folks.

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