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6 Ways To Spend The Liberal Democrats' Lost Deposits

Losing by-elections is an expensive game. £4,500 down the drain.

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The Liberal Democrats received less than 5% of the vote in Thursday's Newark by-election, meaning they they forfeited the £500 deposit all candidates must provide in order to get onto the ballot.

This is the ninth time the Lib Dems have lost their deposit in a by-election during this parliament. While that's bad news for the party, that's a gain of £4,500 for the public purse.

Here's how that money could be spent, if it was diverted to frontline services:


3. Restocking a public library with 450 new books.


Plenty of great books are available for £10 or less, so the lost Lib Dem deposits could help revitalise the book collection of a local library with hundreds of new publications.

4. Sending around 35 police officers out on duty for an extra shift.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

The Lib Dem by-election deposits could keep your town safe by subsidising approximately 35 extra police officers out on shifts lasting 10 hours each, based on the average pay for new recruits.