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    38 Utterly Bizarre Tweets By Gerry Adams

    Teddy bear romance, creme egg dreams and strawberry pavlova. It can only be the Twitter timeline of Sinn Féin's Irish republican leader.


    Dreamt I was eating Cream Eggs. Woke up this morn. Pillow & beard covered in chocolate & cream thingymebob.


    Standing @the corner (in the rain) watching all the girls go by.Standing @ the corner (in Dundalk in the rain)giving all the girls the Eye.


    Where r U going 2 my lovely? When ur alone in ur bed? What r the thoughts that surround U? Whats going on inside ur head?


    When u come 2 the end of a lollipop. 2 the end. 2 the end of a lollipop. When u come 2 the end of a lollipop. Pop goes ur heart. Xo TGBE.



    Fell asleep on sofa after dindins. Dreamt aris about cream eggs. Woke up 2 this & Winning Streak!!


    Have U ever been lonely?Have U ever been blue?B a little forgiving. Take me back in ur heart. How can I go on living now that we're apart.



    I wish I wish I wish in vain. I wish that I was a youth again. But a youth again I never can be until apples grow on an ivy tree. Monday! xo


    'more I learn abt people de more I like my dog'Mark Twain.'more I learn abt dogs de more I like people'Nuada Adams.


    Just had a flashback 2 the 1 legged dog. Saw a 2 legged cat. Walking very tall. In Pearse St. On hind legs.


    Each night I ask the stars up above. Why must I b a teenager in love?


    A Great Bernard dog just sidled up 2 the sofa & gave me a Brandy&Port. Nuada & Snowie never even barked.Hope he comes back.Or am I dreaming?


    Cuppa camomile, PJs, some broken biscuits. Tom&Ted on my knees. All waiting 4 Paisley;Genesis To Revelation.


    Barr an lá leat. Another soft day. Me @ Ted have work 2 do. Have a nice Lent.


    One of Teds in laws. In Ratoath. Waiting 4 Darren O Rourke 4 Meath East.


    Friday! Yahoo! Getting home 2 c the small people in my life. Cant wait.ted will b sasta.


    Yes ted&tom r same sex couple.But thats their business.And not the issue. RG still sez they r 2 young.Hopefully it will b ok.Codladh samh x


    Tom & Ted r officially engaged. Congratulations 2 them both. Celebrations @ Teddy Bear Picnic Party later. Yippeee!


    Hushabye baby on the tree top.When the wind blows the cradle will rockWhen wind stills the cradle will fall&down will come baby&cradle&all.


    Fly me 2 the moon.Let me play among the stars.Take me up 2 Venus,2 jupiter or Mars.In other words hold my hand.In other words sayU love me.


    I used 2 sing Black Velvet Band @ the top of my voice while cycling 2 Glenavy. I once got so carried away that I cycled into a field.


    All U need is love. All U need is love. AllU need is love. Love, love is all U need. An grá abú!


    Dreamt I was in a cafe drinkin coffee. Ryan Turbidy sat@my table.He smiled &read a newspaper.Iwas wearing 1 boot & 1 shoe.What does it mean?


    U r my sunshine my only sunshine. U make me happy when skies r grey. U will never know how much I love U please dont take my sunshine away.


    In Dáil chamber. Thought I had a pen in my pocket. Discovered it is s tooth brush! Silly me!!!!


    'I do like David Attenborough' he whispered from the undergrowth. 'So do I' said Lonesome George.


    Let the wind blow high. Let the wind blow low. Up the street in my kilt I go. All the lassies say hullo. Donal wheres your troosers.


    Come day Go day.Wish in me heart it was Sunday.Drinking buttermilk all the week.Whiskey on a SundaySkipping the Monday Club 2day.Work.Yeuk!


    Saw the dawn breaking. Grey light. Out on bike. Saw a squirrel chasing a cat. A grey one. The squirrel that is. Glad 2 b alive. So is cat.


    Got a Christmas present. I never open my presents until Christmas morn but I tore a wee corner& guess what? Methinks its a yellow duck.


    My bestest pressie! The Queen of all rubber ducks. A high class act. Kinda ducky ar lá dee dah! Epsom Salts go deo!


    New ducks. They light up! Made my Christmas.


    I never said Billy was a duck. It just shows 2 go u how folks jump 2 conclusions about the things I twit. Ducks don't tweet.Ducks quack.


    The hunger is on me now. A BIG salad day methinks. With fresh melon 4 afters. Or B4s! Just a thought!


    Got up this morning. Feeling good. Got the happy blues. The feeling good blues. The this is the best day in my life blues.Dat ain't 2 bad .


    Everything I do, I dooo it foooor Uuiuh


    Every1 else gotta strawberry on their Pavlova except me!! Why?