UKIP Billboards Are Being Vandalised All Over Britain

The Eurosceptic party’s election campaign billboards have really angered their opponents. Direct action ahoy.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters / Reuters

UKIP this week launched its biggest ever poster campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections, spending £1.5 million buying up hundreds of billboards across the country for posters using the slogan “Take back control of our country”.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said the posters are “based on false claims and fear” while UKIP leader Nigel Farage said they’re “a hard-hitting reflection of reality”. (And according to YouGov polling a majority of the public agree with Farage’s statement.)

3. But the posters have also proved popular with anti-UKIP protestors, who have set about defacing and tearing them down:

4. Newcastle.

5. Vauxhall, London.

6. Gateshead.

BuzzFeed / Chris Stokel-Walker

7. Chatham, Kent.

CHATHAM: Looks like this UKIP poster on Chatham Hill isn't particularly popular.

— Kent 999s (@Kent_999s)

8. Liverpool.

The people of Liverpool really love UKIP too

— Dave (@isntdave)

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