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    UKIP Blames Poor London Results On "Well-Educated" Population

    Listen to the party's community spokesperson speak about UKIP's difficulties in capital.

    UKIP spokesperson Suzanne Evans has said UKIP did not make a breakthrough in London, in part due to the capital's "well-educated" population.



    Radio 4 Today

    Nigel Farage's party failed to make a breakthrough in London, despite notching up substantial wins elsewhere in England.

    "UKIP is increasingly attracting the cultured, educated and young... but not in London, no," Evans told Radio 4's Today programme after losing her own council seat.

    "There is work to do, I think we haven't really got our message across in London. We do have a more media-savvy, well-educated population in London, and they are more likely to have read some of the negative press that's been about us and I think they've been more likely to believe it."

    "Look at the social demographics. You have lots of metropolitan elite that cannot really understand the heartache and the pain that many people around the country are feeling."