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    11 Times Boris Johnson Denied He Will Stand For Parliament In 2015

    The mayor of London insists that he isn't seeking a return to national politics in 2015. Truly, completely, honestly, he means it.

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has again brushed off reports that he intends to return to the House of Commons at the 2015 general election.

    Although Johnson's aides privately point out the precedents that could allow the politician to return to the House of Commons before the end of his mayoral term in May 2016, in public they have always refused to confirm that he is considering such an eventuality.

    Here are 11 times Boris Johnson has been ruled out of running for parliament:

    1. January 2012.

    2. May 2012.

    3. May 2012 (again).

    4. September 2012.

    5. October 2012.

    6. March 2013.

    7. August 2013.

    8. October 2013.

    9. December 2013.

    10. March 2014.

    11. April 2014.