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This Woman Is Ranked 87 Of 163 Attractions In Glasgow On TripAdvisor

Mary Johnston, we salute you.

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This woman has been listed as a Glasgow tourist attraction on TripAdvisor and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

It's not clear how Mary ended up listed as potential destination on the travel website, complete with wonky photo. But the people of Glasgow have taken her to their hearts.

I left my review for #MaryDoll. How about you?

Al Vimh @al_vimh

I left my review for #MaryDoll. How about you?

04:14 PM - 26 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

But when BuzzFeed called Mary she seemed confused as to how this had happened and said she'd only ever signed up to TripAdvisor as a reviewer.

"It's one of those typical internet blips," she said.