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    This Is What London Underground's Futuristic New Tube Trains Look Like

    Driverless, with air con and no individual carriages. Coming to a station near you in 2022.

    London Underground has unveiled a blueprint for new tube trains that will run on the Bakerloo, Central, Piccadilly, and Waterloo & City lines.

    Terrifying and exciting, basically.

    The trains have been designed to operate without drivers.

    And there's no separate cars, meaning all the trains will be just one long space, a bit like London Overground.

    Being trains of the future, they like to pose like evil robots that have learned to use Instagram filters.

    Just. Look. At. That.

    The contract to build the new trains will be signed in 2016, with the first due to enter service on the Piccadilly line in 2022.

    And now, sit back and watch this video of what the tube trains of the future might look like.

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