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    This Man Wrote A Poem To A Railway Company After Forgetting His Railcard

    The student was charged a penalty fare after travelling without the correct paperwork. This is how he appealed.

    A University of Oxford student was travelling home on a First Great Western train when he was stopped for not having the railcard to go with his ticket. He was told he could only appeal in writing. This is what he sent in response:

    "I was given a penalty fare by an extremely smug conductor on an evening First Great Western service from London to Oxford," the student explained.

    "I'd forgotten my Young Person's Railcard at home, but instead of allowing me to pay the excess (as I've been able to do several times before), he gave me a hefty penalty fare, and told me I could appeal it in writing (by letter, not over the phone or by email), providing documentary evidence."

    "I hope the people at the Independent Penalty Fares Appeal Service take it in precisely the spirit it's intended..."

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