This Is The Fake News Being Spread About The London Bridge Terror Attack

    Fake posts began appearing on social media minutes after news of the suspected terror attack in London broke, claiming to show pictures of suspects and possible victims.

    1. People are posting fake pictures of alleged suspects.

    2. People are sharing fake photos of missing people who were supposedly caught up in the attack.

    3. The terror incidents were concentrated in one part of central London – not spread out across southeast England.

    Errrrr @msnbc that's not where #Vauxhall is

    For a short time the Metropolitan police suggested a third incident – in addition to those at London Bridge and Borough Market – was underway in the Vauxhall area of London.

    This prompted the US TV network MSNBC to label "Vauxhall" on a map for viewers. Unfortunately they instead labelled a point far outside central London, potentially the offices of Vauxhall Motors in Luton, inadvertently giving the impression that incidents were taking place over a wider area of the country.

    The Met police later confirmed the Vauxhall incident was unrelated to the terror attacks.

    4. A tweet along with a screenshot from Al Jazeera's Facebook live said that "moderate muslims" were laughing at the incident.

    Look how all of these "moderate Muslims" on Al Jazeera react to the London terrorist attack. #LondonBridge

    Similar screenshots were also circulated after the Westminster attack earlier this year. It's difficult to say whether the image is legitimate as one person reacting with the laughing emoji can flood the screen.

    And the overall reactions on the Facebook live show a very small minority of Facebook users had chosen the laughing emoji.