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    This Is How Much Food Would Cost If Prices Had Risen As Fast As House Prices

    You now need £253,000 to buy the average UK home. That's like paying £52 for a chicken.

    The average house in the UK now costs £253,000, according to statistics released on Monday by the Office for National Statistics.

    That's 44.9 times higher than in 1971, when the typical house cost £5,632.

    This is how much everyday items would have cost if they had risen at the same rate over the same period, based on housing charity Shelter's price check index:

    1. A dozen eggs.

    2. Four pints of milk.

    3. Butter (250g).

    4. Loaf of white sliced bread (800g).

    5. New potatoes (1kg).

    6. Cheddar cheese (450g).

    7. Bacon (eight rashers).

    8. British rump steak (320g).

    9. Bag of sugar (1kg).

    10. Oranges (1kg).

    11. Instant coffee (300g).

    12. Leg of lamb (1.8kg).

    13. Single cauliflower (550g).

    14. Six bananas (1.08kg).

    15. Chicken (