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This Facebook Page Brilliantly Mocks All Those Racist Viral Images

Because if you don't stand up for your rights, who will? Maeks u think.

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1. Meet the carefully misspelled Britian First Facebook page, set up to mock dubiously sourced viral images that warn the U.K. is about to be taken over by a wave of Muslims who will ban Britain from existing, or something.

3. White only set it up recently: "Halal has been in the news and all of a sudden people wanted to hear about livestock being killed in a different way, because it was Muslims doing it. Some of this seems to permeate from the Britain First Facebook page."


White says these messages were often posted by the same sort of people who belittle him for being vegetarian, which is why he found their concern about the source of halal meat confusing.

4. "I hadn't seen a page directly opposing Britain First, so I imposed my own sense of humour on the abject logic and often poor English and graphic design skills of many of these 'patriots,'" he added.


5. He said a few confused racists have commented on the page: "They'd seen the misspelling of 'Britain', the horribly crude profile picture, the deliberate jokes and mistakes, and interpreted it as a safe haven."

6. "There are serious discussions to be had about Sharia and apostasy in Islam. This is a debate Britain First hasn't had, nor will they ever. Instead they'll claim Islam will one day take over the U.K. based on a couple of teenagers' Facebook comments."

7. Still, he reckons Britain First won't hang around. "There's no future for a pseudo-political party that bases its campaign on sharing old images online, and I think their Christian posturing puts them in a minority amongst the far-right in the U.K. too."