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The Internet Is Obsessed With Argentina's Gorgeous Economy Minister

Argentina defaults on its national debt but at least the man delivering the news looks nice.

Argentina has just defaulted on its national debt repayments. Again. But the internet is just obsessed with Axel Kicillof, the country's gorgeous economics minister.

Still, the financial world is quite glad to have a chance to see more Axel Kicillof press conferences.

Any offer from Axel Kicillof is an attractive offer, amirite, ladies?

@felixsalmon Ugh Felix I'm trying SO HARD not to make a million jokes about how hot he is so as to appear like a Serious Journalist.

Not an actor, but #Argentina's minister of Finance Axel Kicillof to steer Argentina away from debt default today.

@felixsalmon You have to hand it to Argentina. They do broke and inept government with such sexy panache.

Can you please ensure that in our next election that we get an Economy Minister like Axel Kicillof #hot argentina

This is him celebrating his AAA rating from Standard and Phwoar's.

This is him worrying about causing mass inflation.

This is him thinking about fixed capital formation.

This is him preparing to talk about gilt-y pleasures.

This is him preparing to put himself on the market.

And this is him considering the impact of a fiscal stimulus.