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The 12 David Cameron Pictures That Conservatives Are Authorised To Use

The party's image control is stepping up a gear.

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The Conservatives have issued 12 approved pictures of David Cameron.

Tory candidates standing in forthcoming local elections have been issued with a chunky document setting out what they should and shouldn't put on their leaflets.

The document has now been leaked.

Amid tips on how to make your political leaflets look "like a local newspaper or community magazine" are a dozen photos of the Prime Minister approved for use by Conservative campaign headquarters.

Let us count the ways that the Conservatives would like the Prime Minister to be presented.


2. Strident Cameron.

We don't know what he's spotted. But with the slightly scruffy hair, hint of stubble and distant stare the Conservatives would like you to know that he's damn well going to take it on.

3. Signing-things-Cameron.

Because that's what politicians do all day, right? The rest of us are so computer addicted that we can barely hold a pen but Cameron plods away, signing everything on our behalf.

4. Blue Cameron.

Blue - remember that? A reminder that Cameron is, at heart, still a member of the Conservatives. And owns the world's largest single colour collection of ties.


In short, expect to see these 12 images pushed through your door in rotation, on a regular basis, over the next five months.

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