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That Alex Salmond "Lying Scotsman" Train Photo Is Fake

Still funny, mind.

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This image of Alex Salmond and an unfortunately placed door on a train has gone all over the internet.

Unfortunately it's fake.

http://P.A. King / Flickr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 38214920@N05

East Coast, who run the railway between London and Scotland, applied "Flying Scotsman" colours to one of their trains three years ago.

They admit that when one of the doors is opened it does spell, er, "LYING SCOTSMAN" which has been noticed before. But it's the clever addition of a picture of Alex Salmond in Photoshop that has got the internet talking.

East Coast told BuzzFeed they are happy to set the record straight: they have never stuck a picture of the Scottish First Minister on one of their trains, nor implied he was lying. So that's that.

Still, if you're in favour of independence you may prefer to share this version.

@AndrewJKeir @MarkUrban01 Here's the blinking 'Flipper' Lying Scotsman pic

Andy Inglis@beachthistle

@AndrewJKeir @MarkUrban01 Here's the blinking 'Flipper' Lying Scotsman pic

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