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Shia LaBeouf Was Predictably Acting Super Weird At The Berlin Film Festival

The actor's only comments were copied from ex-Manchester United player Eric Cantona from 1995. He also wore a paper bag on his head.

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Actor Shia LaBeouf baffled journalists at the Berlin Film Festival by taking only one question at a press conference, muttering about "seagulls following a trawler" and then walking out.

LaBeouf had been asked about the experience of making a film that contains so many sex scenes, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Film critics were confused, but fans of former Manchester United player Eric Cantona will know that Shia's speech is lifted word-for-word from this press conference from 1995.

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Cantona made the original comments after he was banned from the sport for eight months after kicking a fan of an opposing team.

Last December, LaBeouf had to apologize after BuzzFeed uncovered he had plagiarized an artist's work for his own film, and has continued on a strange track of stealing other people's words ever since.