15 Pictures Of Ed Miliband Staring At Things

    The Labour leader needs to make the most of his "blue steel" look.

    Ed Miliband launched his "staring at floods" pout last week, striking fear into all who saw it.

    Inspired by this, the Destiny Miliband Tumblr set about showing how the Labour leader could bring his commanding stare to other situations.

    1. Jurassic Miliband.

    2. Twelve Angry Milibands.

    3. Air Force Miliband.

    4. Ferris Miliband's Day Off.

    5. Breaking Miliband.

    6. Miliband Gets Lost.

    7. Miliband's Perfect Storm.

    8. General Miliband.

    9. The Walking Ed.

    10. Ed "Bauer" Miliband.

    11. Miliwallander.

    12. Luther Miliband.

    13. Miliband of Sparta.

    14. Edspotting.

    15. Saving Private Miliband.

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