People Are Wasting UKIP’s Money By Sending Bricks To The Party’s Freepost Address

The Eurosceptic party is surging ahead in the polls but its opponents are attempting a form of direct protest. Using, er, the postal service.

Opponents of UKIP are sending hundreds of items, including bricks, to the party’s Freepost address in the hope of running up a massive postal bill for the party.

The Royal Mail service enables any member of the public to send anything to an organisation with a Freepost address, with the recipient picking up the bill.

When a similar protest hit Nottinghamshire Lib Dems the police said it was not a crime to send bricks to a Freepost address.

1. This is the basic principle of the protest.

2. UKIP pays every time it receives an item at its Freepost address.

3. Admittedly, some people are taking it a bit far.

4. While others are personalising their envelopes.

5. And others are including some light reading in their package.

I got a #UKIP leaflet today & have returned it via freepost with some extra weight...

— Jenny (@avengemydeath)

6. Some people are including notes to the party.

7. Some people are defacing the original leaflet.

8. And others are personalising the address.

9. Some people are sending jolly postcards.

10. Some people are using UKIP’s freepost address as a way of clearing out their house.

The UKIP freepost thing works. Just sent them a box of goodies. Should cost them about a fiver.

— Dave Smith (@ffflow)

11. And some people… well, some people are just posting bricks.

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Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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