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    More Young People Are Living With Their Parents Than Ever Before

    A quarter of young Britons are stuck at home.

    A record 3.3 million Britons aged between 20 and 34 are living with their parents, according to official statistics released today.

    This is mainly because there's been a hefty rise in the number of 20-24 year olds who are still at home.

    Who's affected? Well, young men are way more likely to be stuck at home listening to their Dad's anecdotes.

    You're 50 per cent more likely to live with your parents in Northern Ireland than London.

    So why are people stuck with their parents?

    Well the lack of affordable housing is a barrier to young people buying their own place to live.

    And in some more socially conservative parts of the UK – such as Northern Ireland – young people are happier to stay with their parents while they work and try and try to find a partner.

    Basically, it's the economy stupid.

    Whether more people will move out as the economy improves remains to be seen. But if you just spent your 20s reluctantly living with your parents then sorry – you might just have been born at the wrong time.