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Metropolitan Police Records 117 Clown-Related Incidents In Last Year

One mention of the word "clown" in the police logbook every three days.

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Clown panic is spreading across Britain. The Metropolitan Police has today announced that it recorded 117 incidents involving the word "clown" during the last year.

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London's police force responded to a Freedom of Information request requesting "the number of incidents reported to your force during the past year involving people dressed as clowns or the keyword 'clown'."

These are some of the the clown-related incidents in the Met's log book:

1. Theft where the suspect wore "clown mask and clown hat with bell".


2. Seven burglaries where jewellery "in shape of clown" was taken.

3. An assault in which the victims were wearing yellow and blue "clown suits".


5. One assault where the suspect was "dressed as a clown with a painted face".


6. One incident where an individual "hears the voice of a clown in head".

7. Theft where the victim "asked if suspect was dressed as a clown".


8. One burglary in which the suspect's hair was "described as like Krusty the clown".

9. A robbery in which the victim was "dressed as a clown - wearing a black and white Pierrot suit with white face paint".


10. A report of malicious communications in which someone threatened "to send round henchmen in clown masks".