Here's What That Incredibly Viral Donald Trump Petition Says About British Opposition To Trump

    More than a million people have signed the petition, but where do they come from and who are they?

    More than a million Britons have signed a petition calling for Donald Trump's forthcoming state visit to the UK to be cancelled following the announcement of his new immigration policy.

    MIRROR: You are not welcome here Mr President #tomorrowspaperstoday

    The petition has been wildly popular, dominating the headlines with the suggestion that the UK is rejecting Trump.

    BuzzFeed News sampled the data shortly after the petition passed 1 million signatures, and ran a constituency-by-constituency analysis.

    The darker the colour of the constituency on the map, the higher the number of people in that constituency who have signed the petition.

    This divide is particularly sharp in London.

    In Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, which both voted strongly Leave in the EU referendum, there are substantially fewer signatures on the anti-Trump petition.

    The different reactions of the country also reveal the split in the Labour party between its traditional constituencies and its metropolitan equivalents. Here are the top 10 constituencies where the anti-Trump petition has been most popular.

    Here are the 10 constituencies with the fewest number of signatures on the anti-Trump petition. Again, the majority are held by Labour.

    So can we work out whether there are areas of the UK which are actually pro-Trump?

    Will this petition actually change anything then?