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    Man Creates Transport App That Measures Time In Pints Of Beer

    "You have three-and-a-half drinks until the last tram home."

    When Phil Wolstenholme built a Manchester transport app he made the pioneering decision to include the exact number of pints that you can fit in before stumbling home.

    Which is the information that we all really want to know.

    Fairly sure I've built the only public transport app that gives you the time till the last tram in the units of pints

    Basically Last Tram From takes any mental effort out of that complicated "do I have enough time to stay in the pub for one more drink" mental arithmetic.

    @jimwaterson it's at if you want to take a look at any of the other messages sometime

    Phil told BuzzFeed that he has set the website up to allow 40 minutes for every drink.

    We demand this feature is built into all other transport apps as standard.